MALIN KUNDANG (SMANBA11-12’S Version) by Husni Hanafi

Member: Husni,  Nela, Mbok Cha, Malin, Ning  Ary, Miss Iza



I’m standing here for telling you something, something that I wont forget in my life. You should learn from my story.

My name is Husni. I’m a busines man. I have a big shop “Hanafi’s mart”.  I have an daughter . I gave her Nela as her name. She is beatiful like her mom. But, her mom was passed away when birth Nela. The story isn’t that.

I have a son-in-law, Nela’s husband that was very make me dissapointed.  At first I believe in him. But, he wasn’t like I had thought. Actually he was born as a poor man in a poor family.I was so symphaty to them.  When he was 4, her father passed away. His life was very hard with her mom. I’ll show you the first of all of this.

Malin                     : Assalamualaikum, mom, I’m home. .

Mbok cha            : Wa’alaikum salam, How’s your day, son?

Malin                     : Not good mom. .

Mbok cha            : How many shoes that you have serve?

Malin                     : Only 2 mom, I just can buy this for you. .

Mbok cha            : It’s enough son. Thanks son, Let’s eat together. .

Malin                    : Mom, How if I’m going to the city to change our condition? I guess I can be success there.

Mom                     : Hm…  Pray Istikharah san, ask to Allah. .

Malin                    : Okay Mom. .

Ary                         : Assalamu’alaikum. .

Mom                     : Wa’alaikum salam. . Come in Ning Ary. .

Ary                         : What’s going on?

Mom                     : Malin wanna go to the city. .

Ary                         : I think you should give him opportunity. .

Mom                     : You’re right maybe. .

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