HOUSE for me…

House is a building using for human live. There are many kinds of house, many types of house and many models of house in the world. Everyone in this world have house for living. But some people which is poor people are have no house for living.

There are a job that very important to make an house, an architect. An architect is the one who make the design of the house. Joined with the contractors, house design from the architect will be built for the owner of the house. Both of them are work as a team, so they need teamwork to finish build the house well.

In indonesia, there are many types of house. Baca lebih lanjut



Technology is grown fast. People are need technology for their life and no one disagree about it. Everyday a new technology are produced. People always want the best in everything, so they made and make a new technology everyday. Is the technology help us? Yes of course, but does the technology always give positive effect? Not exactly, there is a dangerous thing are hidden behind using the technology. It is an Individualism.

Human are live in a society. They need each other, but how if they think they can live alone? It is the negative effects of modern technology. Now, technology are very modern, every step in our life are being modern, technology become our life. So, the technology help us in everything we need in our life. If this condition happen, everyone will life alone, they wont think about the other.

So, what can we do? We can start make this condition better by Baca lebih lanjut