Once upon a time there were two powerful families. They were Uciha and Hyuga. They had been enemy each other for years. And Lord Uciha’s son, Romeo, was a handsome young man. He he had a bestfriend, Mercutio and he loved a lady, Rosaline.
Mercutio : Look, that is Rosaline, Let’s do it now
Romeo : Hi, Rosaline. Congratulations, you do your exam perfectly.
Rosaline : Thanks…See you…
Romeo : Rosaline, the lovers of you is me!
Rosaline : What are you talking about?
Romeo : I love you, Rosaline…
Rosaline : I’m sorry Romeo, But I don’t love you, let me go home…
Romeo : Rosaline…See you.
Mercutio : Romeo, Does she love you?
Romeo : No, But don’t worry it will be okay. One day, She will make me her true love.
Mercutio : Oh, Tomorrow night Hyuga will make a party. I’m sure that Rosaline will be invited; do you want to go there?
Romeo : how? it will dangerous for me.
Mercutio : enjoy. Listen to me.
Romeo : that is good idea. But don’t tell anyone about it
Romeo camouflaged himself into the party. Once inside, his attention was stolen by Juliet. Romeo fallen instantly in love. But he was so surprised when he found that Juliet is a Hyuga, and so did Juliet.

Juliet : Hey, what are you doing?
Romeo : I’m sorry, I didn’t see you…
Juliet : I’m Juliet.
Lawrence : I’m Lawrence and you are…
Romeo : Romeo
Juliet : Don’t worry about it.
Mother : JULIET! Come here please!
Juliet : Wait, Mom.
Romeo : Hyuga?
Juliet : What?
Romeo : Oh, No. nothing.
Juliet : Come on, enjoy the party, Romeo.
Romeo : Thanks, Juliet.
Mother : don’t talk with that man anymore.
Juliet : why, Mom?
Mother : look at his eyes. Just Ucihas who have that sharingan?
Juliet : …
Tybalt : hey, who are you?
Romeo : I’m Romeo.
Tybalt : What do you want, Uciha?
This sword will make you answer my question!
Romeo : I don’t want to fight with you, HYUGA!!!
Tybalt : okay, one day I will kill you. Get out here or I will kill you.
In the next day, Romeo, Juliet and Mercutio were meeting each other. Suddenly, Tybalt, Cousin of Juliet came to them.
Romeo : Juliet? What are you doing here?
Juliet : Just walking around. And you?
Romeo : Nothing…
I want to say…
I love you, Juliet
Will you be my Princess?
Juliet : Emm…..I…
Tybalt : Where is Romeo?
Mercutio : Why you look for him?
Tybalt : I’ve promised to him. I’m Tybalt.
Romeo : Mercutio! Go away from here now…
Mercutio : But…Romeo…
Romeo : Move. He wants me, Mercutio
Your enemy is me. I will fight with you right now!
Tybalt : That is I want to do.
[Tybalt Died]
Juliet : Tybalt……
Romeo : I’m Sorry Juliet, I didn’t mean it… I’m sorry…
Juliet : I will lose two of you… My family will kill you… you must run away…
Mercutio : Juliet’s right romeo, we have to run away..
Romeo : But…
Mercutio : Come on…
Romeo : Julieeeeeettt…..
Romeo had to leave Juliet, his love. All of them were sad. When Juliet cried in her bedroom, suddenly his mother came with surprised news.
Mother : Juliet. Paris wants to meet you
Juliet : What for, mom?
Mother : Paris wants to marry you.
Juliet : What?
Mother : You have to agree it!
Paris : Hi, nice to meet you. You look more beautiful everyday.
Juliet : Thanks.
Paris : Juliet, you have to know, we can make our better and perfect
Juliet : what is it mean?
Paris : Will you marry me?
Juliet : I’m sorry… but let me think it for a few days
Paris : Up to you… I will wait it… See you, in the wedding, Juliet
Lawrence : Juliet. What happen?
Juliet : My mom wants me to marry Paris..
Lawrence : Paris? That cute man… you are lucky you know!
Juliet : I love Romeo.
Lawrence : Okay, I have an idea for you. Listen to me!
Juliet : I understand.
Lawrence : I get it, Juliet. This…
Juliet : Okay. Let’s do it?
Lawrence : EM…Juliet, Are you sure want to do it?
Juliet : Very sure. Why?
Lawrence : Nothing. What are you waiting for? Do it know
Lawrence did the next step in that plan. She had to give Romeo the plan letter.
Lawrence : Romeo…Romeo…Romeo…Where are you Romeo?
Come on, Romeo. You have to know the plan, Romeo.
I let this letter here Romeo. I hope you find it, Romeo.

Mercutio : Romeo….Juliet, Romeo.
Romeo : Why about Juliet?
Mercutio : She died, yesterday.
Romeo : W…W…What? Juliet Die? You must be lie, isn’t it? xxx
Mercutio : Where are you going
Romeo : Find and follow my love
Juliet died. Romeo heard it and ran quickly to go to Juliet’s House. He wanted to meet and followed his true love, Juliet.
Romeo : Juliet you are here. I come back here Juliet. This heart Just for you Juliet.
Please, wake up Juliet!!(2x) JULIEEEEEEEEEEEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh GOD!!!!! Give me back my Juliet! I can’t alive without you, Juliet!!!!
Juliet, why do you leave me? This is true love Juliet! I will die for you too.
Juliet : Romeo…
Romeo… I’m not die…wake up! wake up Romeo!
Romeo… You die? ROMEOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Romeo… I can’t live without you. If you die I will die.

Finally, Romeo and Juliet died. But their love will alive and happy forever. Because of that, Hyugas and Uciha become close and they didn’t be enemy of each other.



  1. blog bagus , text dramanya juga bagus , pokoknya enak dilihat dech , aq g pernah bosen bk blog mu

    ceritanya pun bagus

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