Once upon a time, there was a pretty lady. Her named Cinderella. She lived with her steps family. But, her steps family pretended her like a servant.

Alice : Cinderella…, Cinderella…, Cinderella…!
Cinderella : Wait, I’m coming. Why do you call me?
Alice : look at that. The floor is dirty. Clean it quickly.
Julie : no, no, no, Cinderella. I’m hungry now, cook some food first.
Alice : Julie, the floor is dirty.
Julie : Alice, I’m hungry
Alice : I don’t care, the floor is dirty
Cinderella : May I say some things?
Steps sister : NO!!
Step mother : What’s happen in here?
Step sister : No, mom. No thing.
Julie : Look at that, that’s rat, rat…
Step mother : Kill it now!
Cinderella : Don’t touch it. Let it go away
Step mother : Cinderella, are you sure….
Cinderella : I’m sure mom. If we let it go, it won’t come back to here.
Step mother : What do you talking about? I wouldn’t say it. I would say ‘are you sure want to get new punish?
Cinderella : a…, a…, a…
Step mother : Okay, let it go away. Then clean the floor and cook some food quickly. And you can’t dinner tonight
Cinderella : okay, mom.

It usually happen everyday. Cinderella got big punishes everyday. One day, in the other side, in the castle, there was a charming prince. His named Prince. His parents wanted him to marry quickly, But he always disagree.

King : Prince, What do you want? You want to this country be bad?
Prince : No, dad. But I want to enjoy with my life now. And if my time to marry comes, I’ll marry, dad.
Queen : When will it come? Prince, your father has been old, and you are the regeneration of your dad.
King : Your mom rights, Prince
Prince : I have known it, dad. But I’m still confusing about it.
King : Actually, it is easy for you, Prince.
Prince : Okay. But give me time to think about it again, please.
Queen : Two weeks for you, Prince. After this, no time for you anymore and we need your answer on time. Do you understand?
Prince : Thanks, mom and dad.

After two weeks, Prince had found his answer. He had been ready to married. And his parents had found a way to find Prince’s wife.

Prince : Dad, I agree with you. I agree to marry. But….
Queen : Why? What is wrong?
Prince : No. every things is rights. I just want to say I don’t know with whom I have to marry, mom
King : ha…ha…ha…, don’t be nervous. We have thought it. We will make a party for all ladies in this country. Then, you can choose one of them to be your wife.
Queen : That’s right. Do you agree about it?
Prince ; I agree, mom

After that, the Castle Guard spread that party to all houses in that country. Every lady could come to that party, then, the Guard had come to the Cinderella’s house.

The Guard 1 : Attention, for all ladies in this country. Prince invited you to come to his dance party. Every lady can come. That party will be at Saturday night this week. Thanks for your attention.

Cinderella wanted to come to that party. Unluckily, her step mother didn’t give her permission to go there and always gave her heavy tasks and punishes.
At the time for party, Cinderella felt very sad. She wanted come there, but she couldn’t do it. Her step mother didn’t let her went there.

Cinderella : Mom, I have finished to wish the dashes and clean the floor.
Step mother : Alright…, now, clean the window.
Cinderella : But I have done last three hours, mom
Step mother : Oh…, DO IT AGAIN!!

Cinderella felt very sad by do the task. Suddenly, a kind fairy came to her. The Fairy wanted to help Cinderella.

Cinderella : Oh, God. I want to come to that party. But I can’t. I have to finish it first. Hey, what is that? W-who a-are y-you?
Fairy : Don’t be afraid. I’m just a fairy. I come to help you.
Cinderella : Thank you.
Fairy : Now, wish your face.
Cinderella ; Okay
Fairy : Then, this…
Fairy : Now, you can go there. But, remember, my magic just can until twelve o’clock this midnight. So, you have to go home before the bells ring.
Cinderella : Okay, Miss. But how about my task and punishes?
Fairy : Don’t worry. I will have done when you go.
Cinderella1 : Thank you.
Fairy : You’re welcome. Let’s wear it! I’m in here. Then, you can go there.

Cinderella went to the party. In that party, the Prince bored. All ladies invited Prince to dance with them. But the Prince didn’t want to do it. Then, When Cinderella came lately; the Prince surprised with her and felt falling in love to her. But, no one knew if she was Cinderella, except Cinderella, God and the Fairy. Cinderella looked very beautiful. She looked like a beautiful Princess from the Castle in other Country.

Alice : Will you dance with me?
Prince : I’m sorry, but I can’t. Thanks for your invitation.
Alice : Don’t worry. I can dance with my friends.

Julie : Look at me! He will dance with me!.
Alice : That’s impossible. I’m more beautiful than you, but he didn’t want with me.
Julie : What do you say? You are more beautiful than me. I think I’m prettier than you. So, look at me carefully!!
Julie : excuse me, Charming Prince, Will you dance with me?
Prince : I’m sorry, but I can’t. Thanks for your invitation.
Julie : But why are you feeling you can’t? Maybe I can help you?
Prince : Thanks, but, I can’t dance now. Thanks for your Participations.
Julie : You’re welcome.

Alice : Look at your self. Prince didn’t want with you!
Julie : But I can talk with him longer than you!
Alice : Yes, But he just say Thanks…, I’m sorry…, then thanks… again!
Julie : SHUT UP!

Cinderella : Sorry, I’m late.
The Guard 2 : Don’t worry. Come on, lets in to the party room
Cinderella : Thank you.
The Guard 2 : You’re welcome.

Prince : Oh, God. Thanks. You give me a pretty woman.

Prince : Hi, lady. Will you dance with me?
Cinderella : Sure

Cinderella and the prince danced romantically and her step sister was jealous to them. Suddenly, the bell rang.

Alice : Look at that. Actually, we can like that with the Prince
Julie : What do you say, we, I think it just me?
Alice : huh, look at your self. You are ugly.
Julie : But I’m more beautiful than you.
Alice : It is wrong!!!
Julie ; No it is true.
Alice : No
Julie : Look at that.

King : Look at your son. I feel he is falling in love with her lady.
Queen : What do you say “my son”. He is your son.
King : No, mom. He’s yours.
Queen : yours, dad.
King : Not mine. He is yours, mom.
Queen : Okay, dad. I lose. How about “us”?
King : That sounds good.

Prince : Lady, you look beautiful. May I ask some things?
Cinderella : Sure.
Prince : May I know your name
Cinderella : Of course. My name is….
(The bells rang)
Cinderella : Oh, sorry Prince. I must go home now.
Prince : No, lady. Stay in here, please.
Cinderella : I’m sorry, Prince.
Prince : Lady, don’t leaf me. Lady…lady…lady…

Cinderella went home quickly. But the Prince felt sad. And luckily, Cinderella’s glass shoe left when she run away.

The Guard 2 : Don’t be sad, Prince. You can get her. Look at that. Her shoe left. You can find the owner.
Prince : Brilliant, Thank you. Stop this party and we will look for the owner tomorrow. Do you understand?”
The Guards : Yes, sir.

In the next day, Prince and his guards looked for the owner of that glass shoe. But, no one can use that shoe. Then they came to the Cinderella’s house.

The Guard 1 : Excuse me….excuse me…excuse me.
Step mother : wait…wait… I’m coming. Oh, Prince why are you come here?
The Guard 2 : Prince will look for the owner of it. Prince will marry with the owner. Did your daughter come to the party last night?
Step mother : Oh, yes. They came to that party
The Guard 1 : Call them now.
Step mother : Alice…, Julie…, come here!
Step Sister : Why do you call me, Mom? Oh, Prince.
The Guard 1 : Okay, try it.
Julie : Oh, yah. I’m first, Alice.
(Julie couldn’t use it)
Alice : Look at you. The princess is me.
(Alice couldn’t use it, too.)
(Some thing felt in the kitchen)
Prince : What is that? Let me check it.

Prince : Hey, who are you?
Cinderella : I’m Cinderella.
Prince : Who is she?
Step mother : ‘A… just a servant
Prince : Try it.
Step mother : But, Prince, she just a servant.
Prince : I don’t care.
(Cinderella could use it)
The Guard 2 : Wonderful!!
The Guard 1 : Prince, she is your lady.
Prince : Cinderella, will you marry me?
Cinderella : Sure.
Prince : Okay. Lets we go to the castle!
Cinderella : yah, but….
Prince : hmm. Okay. If in your depend it’s good for you, why not?
Cinderella : Thanks, Prince.
Prince : I’ll do anything for you.
Step mother : a…., Cinderella. Now you can live happily with him and live in the castle. So, we’re sorry for our pretended to you.
Alice : Yes, Cinderella. I and Julie are sorry, we have been jealous to you.
Cinderella : Don’t worry. I have forgiven you in the first time. And I want you to live in the castle with us.
Julie : Oh, Cinderella. You are a perfect lady. Thank you very much, Cinderella.
Cinderella : You’re Welcome.
Prince : Cinderella! Let’s go.
Cinderella : Yes, Prince.

Cinderella and Prince went to the castle. Prince remembered, if he had found his lady, he had to meet his parents with her lady before they married. So, Prince went to the castle quickly.

Prince : Dad, she is my lady. I will marry with her.
King : Who is she?
Prince : She is Cinderella. But….
Queen : why?
Prince : She just a servant.
King : What? She is a servant?
Prince : Sorry, mom, dad but I love her, mom and dad. I hope you agree with me?
King : Who have said we disagree? I’m proud of you. You choose a lady from her heart and you always believe yourself.
Queen : Yes, Prince. You are my best son.
King : Hey…hey…hey…, Prince is my son.
Queen : I am his mother, dad. So, He is my son.
King : No, mom. He is my son.
Queen : Dad, why do you always disagree with me? I’m sorry, I must go…
King : Oh sorry, mom. I’m just kidding mom. Don’t go from here, mom.
Queen : I’m really sorry, dad. But I must go… to the toilet now.

Prince : So, dad. Do you agree with me?
King : Yes, of course.

Queen : Prince, you have to marry with her quickly. We hope next week you have been ready to marry.
Prince : Thanks, dad, mom. Cinderella, do you agree with my parents?
Cinderella : Yes, Prince.
Finally, Cinderella and Prince married. Cinderella’s steps family lived with them in the castle. They didn’t pretended Cinderella like a servant anymore. And they lived happily ever after in the castle.



  1. terimakasih bnyk yaa, untung sja ada drama theater cinderella versi english,, ,ini bnar2 tugas yg sya cari, bayangkan sja klo tak ada…….hemzz…pasti udh bnr2 bingung. pdhl kn drama theater 2 minggu lg utk my school….thanks bingiitt,yea.!. .

  2. love it…………prince charming………………btw i’m waiting 4 u to swipe me off my feet……i’m better than Cinderella dressed in blue purple gown’s that i wear is better

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